Wish List Friday: Teacher Clothes

For the past few weeks, I’ve been frantically applying and interviewing for teaching jobs.  Considering the state of the School District of Philadelphia right now, I knew that finding a job would be more difficult than usual due to the extreme job market saturation from some of the 4,000 teachers who were laid off by the district.

Stress levels were high, as I knew it was getting down to the wire.  Most charter and independent schools begin before Labor Day, which means teachers go back as early as Monday.

Thankfully, I received a phone call yesterday morning from a school where I interviewed the day prior – I had a job!  Not only was this the job I most wanted out of all the places I interviewed, but it will be a new role for me as a teacher.  I will be working with elementary students as a reading specialist and I couldn’t be more excited!

Most of my career has been with middle/high school students in a regular classroom setting.  While I will miss some aspects of this age group, I’m excited to work with smaller groups of younger children.

But before I attend my “first day of school” on Monday, my wardrobe needs some serious help!  When we moved to San Francisco, I got rid of most of my teaching clothes.  As it currently stands, I have one pair of flats, one pair of pants and a wool pencil skirt.  Part of me wants to rent a car-share and zip on over to the KOP or Cherry Hill Mall (really, any mall as malls in the city are a rarity).

However, until my first school paycheck (which, after seeing, will probably cry tears of joy because I can pay for shit!!!!) I have to resort to being thrifty at places like Buffalo Exchange and H&M.  There are also a few local consignment areas in Philly that I will hit up.  And perhaps with that first teacher paycheck, I’ll splurge and purchase a pencil skirt from Ann Taylor ;)

Currently, I’m only going to buy the essentials:

1.) Messenger Backpack: Thankfully, I can bike to my new job in about 10 minutes flat.  I’m so used to riding my bike all over each day, that I’m somewhat stoked that I can still get exercise to/from work!  I ordered this messenger bag from Amazon for $31, and although it isn’t like my old Manhattan Portage bag, it’s cute and functional for all those teacherly items I will be carting around!



2.) Black pumps: I haven’t worn heels in over a year, but it’s time to bring them back (although I will be incorporating more flats into the mix these days!) Black pumps are essential to my wardrobe because they go with everything and I can even wear them with a pair of jeans for a night out.  Plus, wearing heels just makes me feel professional!

black pumps


3.) Pencil Skirts: I LOVE pencil skirts!  And I found this one at Target for a mere $19.99! I may just have to take the bus there and check out the inventory!



Where are your favorite places to shop for work clothes?

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  1. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    You should try StichFix. I bet you would love it!

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