Foodie Penpal Reveal Day!

This past month, I participated in Foodie Penpals, an amazing food-sharing experience with strangers!  The gist of Foodie Penpals is that you sign up through The Lean green bean and Lindsay, the coordinator, will send you an email detailing who you are to send your box to.  The person sending you a box will not be the same person you send one to, which I think gives people even more opportunity to social network!

You have a $15 budget and can send your penpal a box of goodies of your choice (after checking with them about diet restrictions and allergies of course!)  For a complete list of rules and to sign up, click here.  Seriously, it’s super fun!

My foodie penpal, Carolyn, did a great job of contacting me right away and sending my box out in a timely manner – I was so excited when it arrived!



My box contained several different marinades, a hand-written recipe and note, and some chicken flavored bouillon cubes.

I was excited to try the marinades because I had never really marinaded anything.  We decided to mix the marinade and pour it over some chuck roast in the slow cooker.  The result – amazing!  We loved it so much, that for the past few weeks, it’s been a staple dinner for us.  Of all the marinades, I do think the brown sugar bourbon has been my favorite.

We have yet to use the bouillon cubes but I know they will come in handy, especially once I start cooking up some soup when the weather gets cooler.

The final thing in my box was a combination of my guilty pleasures: chocolate and peanut butter.



Since my box arrived literally during the hottest week of the summer, the chocolate peanut butter goodness was literally liquid.  But some time in the freezer solved that and Felix and I enjoyed it all the same! Thanks, Carolyn :)

Overall, I enjoyed participating in Foodie Penpals and plan on doing so again.  The only negative thing about it was that the person I sent my box to never responded after she sent me her address.  I sent her a box that I know was received, but no “Thank you” was ever sent my way.  Weird, frustrating, and rude, but life is full of all walks, right?!

What is one thing you would definitely put in your foodie penpal’s box?


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2 Responses to Foodie Penpal Reveal Day!

  1. So sorry to hear you didn’t get any response after you sent your package.
    This was my first month as a foodie pen pal and it was a great month.
    One thing I would put in my package is/are “kind” bars – they are so so good!
    Shashi @ recently posted…Foodie PenpalsMy Profile

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