Whatever gets you off the couch

Now that I’ve been teaching again for a month, my body is finally getting used to the schedule.  Fitting in workouts can be a challenge and I find that if I don’t workout in the morning before work, there’s a 99.9% chance that I won’t do it after.

Thus, I’ve been lifting in the mornings and heading to yoga after work.  Since my yoga studio is super close to work, it’s very convenient, which makes me all the more eager to head to that 5pm class versus going home and grazing on whatever food I can find.

While I’ve been really good about lifting and yoga, I have been running maybe once a week, if at all.  The other day I went out for a run, got about one mile in and turned around.  I was bored.

This is a complete 360 from the “me” a few years ago, when I would log at least 30 miles a week, maybe taking a day off once in awhile.  The truth is, I just don’t enjoy running that much anymore.  Also, my body hurts for days afterwards.  Perhaps 20+ years of running has not been great for my body or biomechanics and now I’m paying the price.  I really don’t care what the reason is.  I’m not going to force myself to do a workout I don’t enjoy.

I enjoy lifting and yoga.  In fact, I even feel that I’m in better shape just doing those two activities.  I bike to work and around the city on the weekends and I enjoy that too.  If some friends are heading out for a run, I may join them.  But the days of waking up early on a Saturday to train for a marathon are over – for now.

What gets me off the couch is the challenge of my yoga class.  Or the fact that I can get in a killer workout at the gym with heavy weights in under 30 minutes.  My arms look amazing and my hips open a bit farther than they did a year ago.

So when I find articles like this on my social media newsfeeds, I’m concerned.  When I see a picture of a pregnant woman lifting weights, I’m inspired, not horrified.


The fact that pregnant women working out and people who otherwise might not workout decide to run a color run with some friends is not, in my opinion, newsworthy, especially in mass markets like CNN and WSJ.  I mean, really?!

Not everyone who runs does it to be competitive.  Everyone has his/her own motivation for signing up for races, whether it be a marathon or a themed 5k.  Who cares?  These people are out moving.  Since when is that bad thing?!

As for the whole working out with weights while pregnant thing – give me a break.  I applaud these women and only hope that I can continue doing what I love when I am in their position.

In one of the world’s most obese countries one would think that critics would be cheering on anyone who is exercising and doing something healthy for their bodies. Unfortunately, there will always be naysayers, be it people who publicly criticize you or even your friends/family.

Just keep doing whatever gets you off the couch – it’s probably more exercise than what your critics are doing anyways!


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  1. Nicole says:

    I love this! People are so quick to judge others for every little thing. We are hard enough on ourselves, we don’t need that added criticism. I have finally figured out how to exercise in a way that is good for my body and my soul. What could be healthier than that?
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