Fall Things

Fall is easily my favorite time of year.  Despite the annual September sinus gunk that enters my body, I love everything about fall.

Although it’s past Labor Day, the weather in Philly is still warmer than I’d like it to be. However, the nights are getting cooler and I’m confident that within a few weeks, we’ll be able to put away those ugly window units and slumber with the windows open!

While I have an entire Pinterest page dedicated to all things fall, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things and some things that I’m excited about trying this season:

1.) Autumn Leaves Candle - Who doesn’t love candles, let alone a Yankee Candle?!  Living in the city, I miss the smell of my rural upbringing.  This candle is sure to take care of that!

2.) Pumpkin Pie Granola - My friend, Nicole over at A Wild Hope, posted this mouth-watering recipe.  As teachers, we both understand the need for snacky-type food throughout the day.  I’m super excited to try this recipe!

3.) Apple Picking – Each year, some friends and I trek out to the ‘burbs of New Hope to pick some apples and have an all-around fun time.  On our last trip, we even found a winery to test out on our drive back to the city.  Win!

Apple Picking circa 2011

Apple Picking circa 2011

4.) Pumpkin Risotto – I love this twist on risotto!  If only making it didn’t involve so much attention ;)

5.) Apple Cider Donuts - I’m not a huge donut fan – except when it comes to Apple Cider Donuts!  Funny how I don’t even like cider, but give me one of these bad boys and I’ll eat it like it’s the last piece of food on Earth!

What are some of your fall favorites?

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  1. nicole says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Our love of all things fall is mutual. I am so excited for everything on your list.
    nicole recently posted…Pumpkin GranolaMy Profile

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